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Burmester: What Makes The Headphones So Special?

Products offered by burmester

The following is a brief history of Burmester

Burmester was founded in 1977 by Reinhard Burmester and has been producing high-quality, innovative audio systems for the last 45 years. Today, they are known as one of the top audio companies worldwide with products like their speakers and headphones that can be found in homes and cars all over the world. They have offices located in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. As you will see below, this company has had many different milestones throughout its existence – more than most people know about!

The company’s first step was creating a turntable that has an extra-low vibration motor, which means it is more accurate in reproducing the original sounds of vinyl records.

This innovation brought burmester international acclaim and popularity in just about every country around the world.

They have since been in the news for offering one of the most prestigious headphone lines in the world while also celebrating milestones like being installed into luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz.

Today, burmester has earned their reputation as an audio powerhouse known for innovative products that are top quality overall. They may be known mainly for headphones and speakers (which they produce), but they also have other accessories such as remote controls or even amplifiers! Their goal is to provide customers

Products offered by burmester

This company is best known for its speakers and headphones, but they also have other accessories like remote controls or amplifiers. They want to provide their customers with the best products for the home and for luxury cars.

Products offered by burmester include:

  • Headphones
  • Car Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Car Speakers
  • Remote Controls
  • Amplifiers

Interesting facts about the company

Founded in 19777, the company has strong ties to Germany. The company operates in the fields of automotive audio, hi-end headphones and speaker systems.

The company was founded back in 1977 by a group of German engineers who wanted to upgrade old car radios. They also have a team of 20 experts that contribute on the company’s latest technological developments.

The company is well-known for their Mercedez- Burmester soundsystems that they install in Mercedes vehicles and high end headphones. They also designed the interior sound system for Airbus planes, which is considered as an example of how advanced their technology is today.

How to purchase their products online at an affordable price

It’s time to go shopping! And if you’re in the market for high-quality, premium headphones that offer a wide range of features and are designed with premium materials for years of enjoyment, then we’ve got just what you need.

Burmester offers a range of different models, from earphones to bluetooth speakers to wireless headphones, each specifically designed to meet your needs.

Burmester sells their products online at an affordable price. You can take advantage of discounts as well as free shipping on orders over €350. Purchase any three products and get 15% off your order, or buy two products and receive 10% off. If you want to see all of the different models available with their features and prices, you can do so here .

We hope our article about Burmester has been helpful to you. If it’s time for a new set of headphones, or even just one headphone, we recommend taking advantage of the amazing deals and discounts available at burmester online shop! Be sure to check out their catalogue before making your purchase so that you can find the perfect product for yourself

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