NFT: Lucky Zeros by Purebase Studio

Gen Ø Collection | Lucky Zeros

The Lucky Zeros NFT project is the inaugural featured collection launched by our resident artist, “Lucky”. The project kicks off Purebase’s launch as an exclusive NFT studio. It also critically establishes the Purebase community. The most important aspect of a long-term, successful NFT project is an enthusiastic community built around a notable brand.

By participating in the GEN Ø “Luck Zeros” launch, the Purebase Community will receive the following benefits:

• Mint Pass for Free Limited Drops from Studio & Creator Partners
• Mint Pass for Purebase Studio Collection Launches
• Mint Pass for Partner Projects Access to Partner Whitelists
• Access to Partner Platforms (Educational and Experiential)
• Private Members Channel in our Studio Discord
• Much, much more

Collection size: 8,888
Mint date:
 In December
Mint price: 0.06 ETH
Chain: Ethereum Blockchain

NFT Market Overview

Cryptocurrencies continue to grow in total market cap and community adoption. As the total market cap of crypto approaches all-time-highs, crypto has never been more popular with the general public. The general public continues to get more comfortable with the technology, and is interested in expanding their investment options beyond BTC and ETH. This is evidenced by the emergence of the NFT market.

NFTs are still in their infancy in terms of adoption. However, the adoption of NFTs among the crypto community is already one of the fastest growing market segments in the space. NFTs will continue to gain legitimacy throughout the broader population as further adoption is supported by global exchanges like FTX and Coinbase.

Executive Summary

As the NFT space continues to grow, lots of talented artists have started to enter the NFT/Crypto space. However, for the majority of artists the barrier to entry of making their art available publicly via NFT is still very high. The purpose of Purebase Studio is to provide a safe place for creators to share their talents and visions while maintaining and providing a safe place for collectors to collect some of the best artworks in the NFT space.

The framework for our studio revolves around three functional components:

• The Purebase Studio
• The Purebase Sandbox
• The Purebase Fund

The Purebase Studio

Our studio is composed of creators, multi-hyphenates, misfits, and dreamers. M!KEY and CALV!N our studio directors have over 11 years of experience in the digital agency/studio space and have curated an incredible roster of digital artists and creators from around the world. Purebase will operate as the studio power house behind the ever growing collection of brands.

The studio will generate revenue from the following sources:

• Mint Fees From Purebase Studio NFT Art Drops
• Secondary Market Fees From Both Paid and Free NFT Art Collections
• Purebase Sandbox Project Mint Allocations
• Ghost Studio Fees
• Channel Partner Fees

The Purebase Sandbox

The Purebase Sandbox will curate a limited number of projects each quarter from creators around the world and launch them exclusively through the Purebase Sandbox Platform. Collection sizes will vary and have different utilities. We will open an application process for creators to submit their project proposals through our Purebase Sandbox Platform. Submissions will be reviewed by our advisory board.

What does Purebase Sandbox offer creators?

• Mentorship
• Studio Support
• Developer Resources
• Community Development | Management
• Partnerships & Marketing
• Allocation of Mint Fees
• Allocation of Royalties

The Purebase Fund

The Purebase Fund is one of the most important core products of the studio. Funded by a portion of the studio’s revenue, this fund is staked in secure high yield pools to continue to grow the value of the fund. This allows the fund to continuously increase the principal value of the fund, while also generating yields that can be spent without decreasing the principal. Yields will be used for studio operations. This builds value for the studio, provides a unique form of liquidity to continue building studio brands and provides additional royalty revenue for studio artists. The fund will continue to build value even in bear markets regardless of market conditions in the NFT space.

What funds the Purebase fund?

• Allocation of Each Studio Project’s Mint
• Allocation of Secondary Market’s Royalties
• Compounded Yields
• Ghost Studio Revenue
• Flips of Blue Chip NFTS from Studio Vault
• Animation Studio Ventures | Project XYZ

Disclaimer: The NFT-Tokens released by Purebase studio represent ownership of a digital artwork only.

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