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Top 3 Apps for Gluten-Free Diets

Living with a food allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity is already challenging enough — but having to constantly research restaurants and food products for gluten free options? Exhausting! Fortunately, advanced technology is here and actually helps make this all a little easier. Whether you’re on vacation looking for restaurants that accommodate gluten free diets, or reading every label at the grocery store, there’s an app for that. We’ve researched and compiled 3 of the best apps on the market for gluten free diets. And — they’re all free!

Find Me Gluten Free — free + optional in-app purchases

This is a restaurant finder app similar to Trip Advisor, except with a focus on gluten free options. This app has a GPS map and rating for each restaurant, making it a favorite among the gluten free crowd. The restaurant reviews on this app are written by other gluten free folks, too. Bonus: you can search for categories of food, very handy for when you’re craving some gluten free pizza!

AllergyEats — free

Similar to Find Me Gluten Free, except this app includes other common food allergens as well — perfect for those who deal with multiple food allergies. You can search by allergy (select one or multiple) for allergy-friendly restaurants in your area (or chosen location) and read reviews. Bonus: each restaurant is rated (by customers) for how good or poor they accommodate food-allergic customers.

The Gluten Free Scanner — free + optional in-app purchases

Tired of reading labels at the grocery store to figure out if something’s gluten free? This app has you covered — The Gluten Free Scanner has a 500K+ product database that is regularly updated by dietitians and researchers. All you have to do is scan the product’s barcode with your camera, and the app will tell you whether there’s gluten in the product or not. Bonus: if you buy the full version ($3.99) you can search for products by name and brand, in addition to scanning products.

Keep following along here at Needful for more suggestions on making the most of your gluten-free lifestyle. We believe you should never have to miss out on your favorite foods just because of a diet modification. Let’s get creative together and make sure you are getting all the enjoyment (and all the nutrients) out of life!

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