Starting To Write An Article, But Are You Prepared For It?

Writing an article may seem quite an easy task, but it requires certain preparations for you to write a masterpiece.

Following are the tools and preparation that you need to do, in order to write an article that everyone would want to read.

That being said, I am not going to give you a list of software and web tools, but only the most basic changes that you need to do.

1: An Easy Attire:

Yes, you read that right. Clothing plays an important role when you are trying to write something. It plays the role of olive oil in a green salad. If you are not comfortable while writing your article then how are you going to convey your message properly.

Not only the writer’s feelings but also the frustrations are reflected in the article. How are you going to make your reader feel easy while reading your article when you yourself are not relaxed while writing it? The simplest answer is; no, you can’t. I go for loose-fitting attire, it broadens your mind to fascinating ideas and you are able to write without any boundaries.

Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.

-Nicholas Burroughs

2: Wax Paper:

Oh Sorry! I meant to say Sticky Notes😁. I got this tip from many great writers out there in the wilderness. Sticky notes play a huge role in your article writing journey. You never know when inspiration will strike.

Keep a bundle of wax — Sticky notes😅 on you at all times. Note down the small details, your ideas, an event, or anything that you think might come in handy while you start to write. And I mean only sticky papers and a pen or pencil, NOT YOUR MOBILE PHONE!

Being a writer means having the privilege of being free from the prison of signals and having the freedom to wave your hand in joy(I meant handwriting by that😅)

3: Tick Tock on the Clock:

And by Tick Tock on the Clock, I do not mean the song by Ke$ha which was really good(I admit😅), but what I really mean is that you have time on your hand. Writing requires attention and time. It’s not always like you can just start writing and get up 45 minutes later with a finished draft😑.

You must be free from the physical world’s jobs and surrender yourself to the digital universe for at least 3 to 4 hours. Ideas come and go. You don’t constantly keep typing but you take 2 minutes of thinking time and type for a maximum of 1 minute.

Sometimes because of your other stuff, you leave your article unfinished and when you come back to it, all the ideas related to your topic are gone, vanished in thin air. So, make time for your writing.

If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.

-Stephen King

4: Interaction with others:

Yeah Yeah, I know😅. You must be thinking that this boy has started blabbing about the old interacting with other people thing, but WAIT🙆‍♂️! What type of interaction am I talking about?

If you think I’m talking about just commenting and clapping on others’ articles and posts then you are only 5% correct. What about the remaining 95%? By Interaction, I mean:

  • The interaction of happiness that you spend with your loved ones or even your pet.
  • The interaction of sorrow that you feel when you are cheated upon in any worldly matter.
  • The interaction of pride that you feel when you are given a compliment.

In short, any encounter that you face in this world is important for your writing skills🤗.

5: Remodeling the Mind:

This is the most important one! You must have a drink by your side. It can be anything that you like but I prefer Coffee or Chai. I think this point is so important that if you don’t follow it then your article is headed straight for the trash🤐.

But seriously, if you are not sipping while writing then you are not striking the bull, at least that’s what I think😅.